Monday, July 18, 2011

may i have your attention, please?

will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

..ya, that totally went through my head the moment i started writing this blog post's title.

things are a-changin' + a-movin' people!  and i have some pretty rad announcements to make in the very near future (no, i am not with child).

with that, this blog is definitely not up to date with the who, what, why, how of this business.  so consider this notice that the blog is officially under construction!  things may be messy for awhile (i whole-heartedly can claim i am NOT a computer person) so please bare with me and continue to check in + leave me some warm, gooey lovin'!

and just cos a post is always better with a picture, check out this random babe..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

on the dance floor

trav and i recently attended a wedding of 2 our good friends.  while rockin' out and snapping away at the reception, i encountered these two on the dance floor and had to share.  their warm fuzzy vibes are just so friggin' contagious..

Monday, July 4, 2011

i had a big fat, crazy crush

on him.  and the whole laid-back friendship thing we had going on drove me all the more crazy.  after months of hanging out, always with a group of friends, he finally asked me on a date.  

it was just days after high school graduation - canada day.  travis suggested we go to the langley airport for the celebrations.  i remember peering through my pink bedroom curtains that day, seeing his red pick up pull into my family's driveway.  the butterflies in my stomach fluttered out of control.  i was nervous to finally be alone with him.  nervous i was going to be my awkward, weird, ditzy self.  and so nervous he wouldn't like it.

he put his arm around me as we walked through the crowds of people in the summer sunshine and slowly, my fears vanished.  we shared a sugary elephant's ear, got $5 back massages, he saved me from a freaky, giant clown on stilts.  we laughed together, screamed on rides together, he held my hand and when our palms and fingers got sticky from the heat, he would blow on them.

when the sun began to set, travis brought me back to his truck to watch the fireworks from the tail gate.  it quickly got dark + cold and sitting there in shorts and a tank top, i shivered.  he noticed my goose bumps and wrapped his hoodie around me.  as the music played and the firework show began, i tried to contain the biggest smile from spreading across my face.  i realized i was having the most amazing day with this handsome, awesome guy who was holding me and laughing at all the things i was laughing at.  but then it happened..

travis rubbed his bare arms and said, "man it is cold tonight.. hey, uh, can i have my hoodie back?"

"oh!  uh, ya, of course!"  was my stunned response as i handed it back to him.  i glanced as he put it on beside me.  i cuddled into my knees to keep warm and thought to myself, 'well, so much for that.'

the night ended soon and he dropped me off back at home.  i rushed inside, sad that he obviously didn't like me that much.  

that girl in that moment would never have guessed that 6 years later she'd be happily married to that same hoodie-taker-backer, sitting on the tail gate of his truck watching the fireworks at the canada day celebrations yet again.

fyi, travis swears he doesn't remember the hoodie incident from our first date.  bahahah, suuuuuuresure.