Saturday, July 31, 2010


Oh hey there ol' Bloggity; it seems I may have to reintroduce myself. I'm Ashley and I've been ignoring you for two months. The world out there has taken me over with all of it's "do this-es & do thats.. and while you're at it, do these too." Although the sun has kissed my face and the beach has called my name, I've been like one of the seven dwarves, whistling whistling, working working. You see, Travis and my dreams have taken a huge turn. We want.. an apartment. Wait, what? We want an apartment?! Me, the girl that needs to be a bird out of a cage and Travis, well, exactly the same, have always dreamed of a cozy old home on rolling hills with dogs running amuck. We both still share this dream and I pray for it to come true.. one day. But right now, I want to be 22. I want to have the ability to not own a home for a bit, to not have to keep working and maintaining, I just want to be 22 in all it's 22-ness glory; travelling, working abroad, meeting new faces, experiencing, living. So for now, it's goodbye house, helllllllllllo beautiful world. But to do this, we need to sell our almost century-old, in need of some love, home which means work.

Since our home has been put priority 1, I haven't been as focused on my love of photography latley. However, I do believe I have a few shoots to post! Starting with a shoot of the fabulous Miss Hayden Magneison, my cousin's beautiful baby. With the most luscious eye lashes and all that bubbly personality shining through her wide grin, Hayden is an amazingly gorgeous little girl. Congratulations Karina, you are extraordinarily blessed as are your little girls to have you. :)

Stay posted for another shoot of a wonderfully cute baby.. Hayden's cousin, Wyatt!

PS. Anyone know why the above (should be) horizontal image of Hayden's wee little footsies, decided to flip vertically? I've refreshed my browser, reloaded, tried to change the image.. no worky.