Sunday, February 13, 2011

toffee? NO!

maaan, i have been blogging lately.  you wouldn't know it but it's true.  i keep starting blog posts and then.. i get distracted and.. that's it.  i save it as a draft.  later i'll come back but refreshed with a new idea/topic and start a new one.  GOOOSH.  well not today, good sir!

so i had said awhile ago that i would blog about my fab tofino trip with my in-laws or "illies," if you will.  here it is..  i love my family.  and i love tofino.  some of why tofino is wonderful:

titanic moments on the ferry.  vast grey beaches.  rubber boots in the ocean.  king sized beds.  dips in and out of the hot tub.  sand dollars.  wind swept trees.  sun set reflections.  my sister in law fake shooting my mother in law while yelling, "gun to your face!  GUN.  TO.  YOUR.  FACE!"  intense games of apples to apples.  surprise birthday cakes.  early morning fog.  sandy cuddles.  the tide.  soda running for her life from the tide.  sipping hot peppermint tea.  moseying about the town.  glass blowing + hippie glass blowers.  home cooked pasta with red wine.  twilight.  making fun of kristen stewart.  continental breakfasts overlooking the beach.  the men (ours) surfing.  sand sketches.  back rubs.  three hours of an up and down, windy road.  gravol.  my gravol induced stupor.  one billion pictures.

now see for yourself.