Monday, November 8, 2010

Fevers, Insomnia, Home Depot + Benjamin Franklin

I woke up with a fever.  But we had Slurpee's first water physio class today, errands and a whole bunch of reno work to do.  So I tried to pretend I didn't wake up with a fever.  But a few hours later, in line at the Home Depot, I found myself in a sweaty, hot, fever-ish panic, wanting to rip my shirt right off.  Thankfully, I reconsidered my options and ran out into the pouring rain in the parking lot while Travis paid.  Instantly, I was relieved.  But then just cold.  And wet.  I searched for the car but just could not find it.  Then, opposing my very recent hot, fever-ish panic -  a cold, wet panic set in.  I turned and ran back inside Home Depot.  Travis spotted me, hugged me, presented me with chocolate (best husband ever!) and led me to the car.  The point in this story.. well, I think it was the whole Home Depot experience today that made me much MUCH sicker. I am now lying in bed, at almost 3 am, not able to sleep with a worse fever, dreading how much I have to do tomorrow.  That last part, by the way, I am thinking does not help in actually falling asleep.

Anyways, I thought I'd try some reading to knock myself out.  Instead, I started looking at amazing pictures from amazing photographers.  And now, I'm most certainly awake and blown away with inspiration.  Seeing photography that tugs at my heart and imagination just makes me oh so excited, even when I'm all gross and sicky.  It gives me hope, something to look forward to.  I just can't wait to be great someday, too.  I'm not at all where I want to be (or even who I want to be, for that matter).  But I know I will be.  I even wrote out a game plan because I'm totally Type-A like that.  

Onto another thought, I'm thinking about uploading some images from shoots I've yet to post but then again.. perhaps, I'll put it off some more and re-try the whole sleep thing.  Ya, I know, I've been neglectful to my blog lately.  But as Benjamin Franklin once said, "Never put off 'til tomorrow, what you can do today."  He only discovered electricity.  Why on earth listen to him, right?

Heheh, but really, I'll post some images soon.  Hopefully when I'm not all insane with fever.  

Peace and love, good night/morning!