Wednesday, December 21, 2011

julie / 10. 04. 11 / beloved session

so apparently we're trending in blog abandonment.  once again, i'm saying my sorries.  and as trav + i shift our focus a bit from learning our craft to working on our brand + learning how to build our business, the blog will probably be sparse for an even longer while.  however, we do have a little goody to share with you right now..

it's trav's + my belief that solo sessions are so IMPORTANT.  yup, i used caps so you know it must be true.  with the nature of time and growth, who you are in this moment is fleeting.  and this you is someone to remember.  for your parents, for your children or some day children, for all those that know and love you, but especially for you.. we hold firmly that you need to treasure who you are right now.

this sesh is of my dear friend, julie.  julie has been spending majority of her moments studying to become a nurse.  girl is ded-i-ca-ted.  and always shines as the brightest light in any room.  we met in chem class three years ago.  i knew i loved her when she showed up to class one day late with messy hair, wearing a beater, sweats and boots.  as she walked past our teacher and took a seat, mr. ashby said, "tough today, julie?"  she scrunched her cute little eyebrows at him and replied, "no.  if i was trying to be tough i would've brought a bat." i burst out laughing.  the girl is funny, charming, freaking gorg and can really rock a cowichan.