Monday, March 14, 2011

those you meet on the road.

we like walks.  we like our dog.  we like to walk our dog.  while driving to island 22 to walk soda, we saw a pit bull-cross dart across the road.  there was no one in sight so we stopped to check her collar.  when i stepped out of the car though, she ran far enough away to feel safe and let out a low growl.  my heart reasoned with me that she was just afraid.  but my nerves reminded me that sometimes fearful dogs bite.  so, in an attempt to gain trust and not crowd her, i threw treats from the glove compartment her way but she practically scoffed at me.  so trav grabbed a stick to play with and whoawhoawhoa, someone had her attention.  it took about 20 minutes before she let him reach out and actually touch her collar but she finally did.  and we found out that her name was sheeba..

soda was ta-weeking out in the car watching all these shinnanigans go on.  she wanted in on the action.  "okay sheeba, this is soda.. be nice.."

we wanted to keep sheeba.  obvs.  but i swear, i'm no dog-napper and we found her home.  apparently sheeba's best friend/litter mate recently passed away.  her family thought she ran away from being lonely; they thought she might be lost.  

but maybe she wasn't lost.  maybe she was just wandering.  and home was the perfect ending.