Sunday, October 23, 2011

terry + sandi / 10. 02. 11 / beloved session

they are dreamers, lovers, explorers, best friends.  they also happen to be trav's dad + step-mama.
one summer, about 5 or 6 years ago, trav + i did the 4 hour drive with terry to meet up with sandi at their home away from home in shuswap.  we arrived to a dark, starry sky and warm embraces from sandi.  once our bags were in the trailer and our beds were made up, she cuddled next to terry at the kitchen table and closed her eyes.  i remember the gentle quietness about terry as we all watched her drift into sleep.  it'd been a couple weeks since he had seen her as he had been committed to a job back at home.  i whispered, "you must be so happy."  he nodded and was quick to talk about how much he adored his wife.  as tears came to his eyes, he looked at her with an ever present smile. 
that small moment that remains etched in my memory, that is exactly what their love is.  it is tender.  and it is obvious.
trav + i had the joy of doing a beloved session with terry + sandi recently, exploring an abandoned store along the backroads of chilliwack.  our sunday morning with them was simply a series of more moments of witnessing their love for each other unfold so organically and honestly.  on the drive home trav said, "just being around them, being present in their love is so.. comforting."  yep.  definitely.



  1. Ashley! This looks great and what a beautiful gift in these images. Gorgeous.

  2. totally gorgeous and heartfelt images. how lucky they are to have these, a treasure...

  3. you caught us in our "present" how awesome is that! Thanks doesn't express the tender warm joy we feel about that day together with you two capturing us..love dad schulz

  4. Ashley! Travis! These are GORGEOUS. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  5. Gooooosebumps Ashley & Travis! Fabulous pairing with the music - I'm so glad I pressed play! What beautiful moments you've captured - I LOVE these! Keep it up friends! xo

  6. shivers... in the best way possible. truly. i'm in love with every single frame! you are well on your way, my friends.